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Jayapriya Group of Companies

Jayapriya is a well-known and rapidly expanding Organisation in Tamil Nadu. Its operations span a wide range of industries, including chits, NBFC finance, distilleries real estate, FMCG, hotels, theatres, education, agencies, distilleries and more

Jayapriya has a strong track record of customer satisfaction and business growth. Through its diverse range of enterprises, it seeks to reach out to each and every person. A legion of more than 5000 agents and over 1000 more employees have been deployed into the company to give best service to consumers. The organisation offers a variety of financial aid to individuals, professionals, business owners, families and anybody else in need. The company’s constant goal is to improve society through creating jobs and engaging in other charity endeavours. Jayapriya covers a large area in Tamilnadu, with a registered office in the state capital and the head office in Neyveli, Cuddalore, as well as diversified branches in various districts in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.



We are proud to be problem solvers. Delivering outstanding results by establishing a culture of exceptional execution and rewarding those who create great outcomes.


Our vision is to empower and help people to achieve their goals through the work we do.

The Voice of our Beacon

Lets hear from our founders who have shown this company the path of success.


Lion C.R. alias Lion C.Rajagopalan, founder and chairman of the Jayapriya Group of Companies, was born on April 12, 1948, the fourth of four siblings (two brothers and two sisters) in Kothamangalam, Tanjore district, Tamil Nadu. Thiru K.Chinnasamy and Smt.Devaki, his parents, are farmers from a traditional family. They raised their children with joy, courage, and enthusiasm.

Lion C.Rajagopalan began his professional career as a clerk at N.L.C in Cuddalore district. He married Mrs.Kasthuri, who provided extensive support in all of his endeavours and who is become the driving force behind his success. They have been living a well-planned life filled with prosperity and happiness. They have one son and one daughter Mr.C.R.Jayasankar, the current Managing Director of the Jayapriya Group of Companies, and Mrs.R.Padmapriya, a director of the Jayapriya Group of Companies, settled in Chennai with her family.

While working for N.L.C., he used to look after his friend’s furniture shop in his spare time and introduced a hire purchase system. That was a great success in his business career; after that, he opened a bicycle mart and sold bicycles on an EMI basis. He discovered that many people in small businesses use chits to raise funds for their financial needs. He was also aware that N.L.C. employees are interested in chits to raise funds for unavoidable expenses. He made the decision to start chits for the benefit of his neighbours, colleagues, and entrepreneurs. He also lends money to those in need and eventually decided to start chit business.

He founded Jayapriya Chit Funds in 1985 as a partnership firm with a few friends, with a capital of Rs.3 lakhs and three employees. He carried out the business successfully and took over to the next level (in larger scale). Since its incorporation in 1992 (becomes registered chit fund- Jayapriya Chit Funds Private Limited) he provided his full support and hard work towards its growth.

The business involves much risk factor in advancing funds to members through funds collected from members but he managed the business fearlessly. He led the company to a remarkable level with a network of 50 branches spread across several districts in Tamil Nadu and the union territory of Pondicherry, which was reinforced with a strong contingent of 1000 and more employees and a legion of more than 1000 agents dedicated to the service of the subscribers and the company. Western Union, the world pioneer in funds transfer, appointed Jayapriya Enterprises as their franchisee in 2006 to facilitate funds transfer from anywhere in the world to local residents to receive money with ease. Transfast and Ria joined Jayapriya Enterprises as channel partners for international money transfers in 2012 and 2016, respectively. marking yet another milestone in the Jayapriya Group of Companies’ growth trajectory i.e. TATA AIG Life Insurance Company has joined with Jayapriya Enterprises as channel partners to develop insurance business in rural areas,
He has elected as President of Cuddalore District Chit Funds and Financiers Association and he served as a president for 10 years, this is a testament to his reputation and commitment to the organisation. He represented Chit Funds Companies Association and he participated in several forums with Government, to negotiate stringent rules of Chit Funds Act 1982. Another feather in his cap is that he was nominated as Vice President of the All India Chit Fund Companies Association in 2008.

He joined the Lions Club movement to make his career more socially conscious. He is a strict disciplinarian, an honest man, and a generous giver throughout his life. In collaboration with the Lions Club and professionals in the field, he ran numerous health camps, blood donation camps, and camps for eye care. Jayapriya Charitable Trust was founded by him. JAYAPRIYA NIDHI LTD (1994), JAYAPRIYA THEATRES (1995), JAYAPRIYA GUEST HOUSE A/C CUDDALORE (2006), JAYAPRIYA AGENCIES, HP (2010) and so forth are some milestones in his career trajectory.


Mr. C.R Jayasankar was born on June 18th 1971 in Neyveli, Cuddalore District. He has completed his schooling from Jawahar Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Neyveli and he subsequently obtained a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Muthiah Poly Technique, Chidambaram, Cuddalore. Afterward he obtained Post Graduation (MBA) in Finance from Annamalai University, Chidambaram.

In early 90’s he had started his career as a normal employee in Jayapriya Chit Funds (P) Ltd and he was promoted to the position of Managing Director in short span of time through his dedication towards the company and his vision with effective strategies.

C.R Jayasankar is a great business leader who always believes that every company has a special personality and the Jayapriya Group’s personality was largely shaped by its employees. According to him learning should be doing rather than just knowing. Learning by all level will make people professional to provide excellent service to the customers.

He is great at dedicating himself to the task at hand. His ability to consider a problem from multiple angle and perception is a rare gift. Introspection is one of his behavioural attribute and his punctuality and promptness make people feel respected. He is not afraid to take challenges which embolden those around him to work fearlessly. All his ventures flourish vigorously and vibrantly.

“Kaal hi kare jo aaj kar, aaj kare jo ab, pal mein pralay hoyegi bahuri karoge kab” (Translation: tomorrow’s work to be done today, today’s work right now, future is uncertain, anything happened at the next moment there is no other time than now) these lines of great Indian poet Mr. Kabir Das reflects the inner sight of Mr. C.R Jayasankar.

He initiated the Jayapriya Group’s move to step into the education sector in the year 2014 and he provided his complete support to Jayapriya Group of Institutions. Our education services aims to shape students to be intellectually competent, morally sound, emotionally balanced, physically strong, and spiritually imbued with deep sense of noble values and rational thinking.

His extended vision helps Jayapriya Group to thrive into great heights. As the logo says he leads the company into safe, steady and stable growth. He paved some new mile stones to Jayapriya Group Of Companies by adding few more golden feathers to the crown viz Jayapriya hotel Musiri (Neyveli-2020), Jayapriya Grama Valarchi Nidhi Ltd, Jayapriya Grama Valarchi Micro Chits , Jai Nidhi Limited, Jayapriya Chit Funds (Karnataka) PRIVATE Ltd and last but not the least Jayapriya Capital (NBFC) in the year 2022.

We Jayapriya Group, our vision is supported by hard work, open communication, effective team work , a strong emphasis on business ethics and a high level of responsibility. This visionary culture allows and encourages our employees to embrace not only the existing customers but also create new customers. Our organisation culture keep customer delightful.